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How to Overcome on Tough Educational Challenges

We are living amidst what's probably one among the greatest threats in our lifespan to world’s education, a very big or huge educational crisis. As of March 28, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing over 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school in 161 countries. This close to 80th of the world’s enrolled students. We were already experiencing a worldwide leaning crisis, as many students were in school, but were not learning the basic skills required for life. This pandemic has the potential to worsen these outcomes even if we don't act fast. What ought to be worried during this phase of the crisis which may have an immediate impact on children and youth? (1) losses in learning (2) increased dropout rates (3) children missing their most significant meal of the day. Moreover, most countries have very unequal education systems, and these negative impacts are felt disproportionately by poor children. Here are some factors given by dissertation writing services that may