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Should All Academic Books Go Digital And Free?

Introduction One of the biggest challenges faced by students is the non-availability of books. Without an academic book, the educational outcomes cannot reach their peak. According to a survey, 65% of college students in the US skipped getting their academic books. The reason for this skip may differ in different groups of people. Few students cannot buy these books because they are expensive. To solve this issue, a common argument is whether all academic books go digital or not? This article will highlight both supportive and opposing arguments for the digitalization of textbooks. Digitalization of textbooks can ensure the free availability of books. Even to the students who cannot afford them. 1. Digital Books And Environmental Sustainability The printed form of books is easy to read and easy to manage for all. Most of us face difficulties reading a book on our laptop or mobile screen. Apart from the reading ease of printed books they impart burden on our society. To produce 1 ton of