Should All Academic Books Go Digital And Free?


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One of the biggest challenges faced by students is the non-availability of books. Without an academic book, the educational outcomes cannot reach their peak. According to a survey, 65% of college students in the US skipped getting their academic books. The reason for this skip may differ in different groups of people. Few students cannot buy these books because they are expensive. To solve this issue, a common argument is whether all academic books go digital or not? This article will highlight both supportive and opposing arguments for the digitalization of textbooks. Digitalization of textbooks can ensure the free availability of books. Even to the students who cannot afford them.

1. Digital Books And Environmental Sustainability

The printed form of books is easy to read and easy to manage for all. Most of us face difficulties reading a book on our laptop or mobile screen. Apart from the reading ease of printed books they impart burden on our society. To produce 1 ton of paper availability of 24 trees is necessary. The concentration of CO2 is increasing due to the rapid cutting of trees... The increase in CO2 concentration and other gases are responsible for global warming. An important way to enhance the sustainability of the environment is to 'go digital'. As we noticed that digital marketing decreases the use of paper for publicity. In the same sense, the digitalization of dissertation writing services books can also decrease the cutting of trees. Online availability of books will decrease the use of paper. Limited use of paper will decrease the use of wold natural resources. It will be a great step to environmental sustainability.

2. Digital Books Are Easy To Access

The textbooks are not available to the student. Many students claim that they cannot buy books. These days 1 out of 4 children are without books. The unavailability of books decreases the world's literacy rate. The educational authorities are working to free textbooks for all students. The act of distributing free books is successful in developed countries. Developed countries have money for free books distribution. But the underdeveloped countries do not have the facilities to do so. So, the other way to increase the academic book's accessibility is to go digital. With a single click, you can access the digital source of academic books. Digital books save people from the difficulty of book sorting in small places. Digital books are also easy to access for students with physical disabilities.

3. Digital Versus Printed Books

The majority of people in the world prefer a printed form of books. According to a study, only 23 percent of people bought e-book last year. The number of buyers of printed books was 45%. These statistics show the trends of both types of books. Although digital books are easy to access but people do not prefer such books. Some people said that they could not spend hours in front of their laptops to read an article. Few of them complained about a headache. Still, others said they feel difficulty in making notes. Students love to make notes on their books. In my childhood, I divided a complete sentence into fragments. The fragmented parts helped me to understand by topic. The lack of art of being involved in books is missing in digital academic books. In my opinion, digital books are easy to access. But they will not increase the learning outcomes of a student.

4. Publication Cost Of Printed Books

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The printing cost of academic books is high. On average, the printing cost of a book varies from 72.10 pounds to 1802.69 pounds. Printing cost management is a difficult task. The free availability of books is not possible due to the high cost. Printing costs include the cost of cover paper, formatting, editing, and papers. To limit this cost, the possible way available is to go digital. The digital books are cost effective. Even a poor child can access such book. Digital books are free for all. No one need to buy access for these books.

5. Advantages Of Digitalization Of Books.

1) One of the difficulties faced by teachers in online teaching is the lack of digital books. The teachers need books in the soft form to take online classes. If all books go digital, then teachers will not need to scan notes. Therefore, the best possible way to encounter a teacher's problem is to go digital.

2) With the digitalization of cheap dissertation writing services books, the educational department can get two benefits. First, the institute can easily protect their precious books in the form of soft copies. In the past, we noticed few incidences of fire in libraries. Such accidental escape of books destroys the intellectual property of a nation in few seconds. So, the digitalization of books is the easy way to save all precious books. The second most important benefit is that students can go through various relevant books in a second.

3) Digitalization of books develops the right of intellectual property protection. Plagiarism and copyright rules help authors to protect their data. While in the case of physical publication, there was no way to detect the similarity in the content. Turnitin and other plagiarism monitoring tools increase the creativity in the content. So, digitalization of books is a facility for both teachers and students.

Final Thoughts

This article highlighted a detailed discussion of darker and brighter sides of book digitalization. Go digital and free is a cost-effective process. It increases student's accessibility to academic books. It saves publication cost. It increases student's exposure of different digital platforms. It allows quick access and better results. It is equally beneficial for both teachers and students. It helps to increase the originality of the paper. On contract, digital books often confuse students. Many students cannot differentiate between fake and original books. After seeing both sides, this is clear that digitalization of books has more advantages than disadvantages. So, we should go digital and free to open the gates of knowledge for all.

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